Flowmeter Retrofitting

IFC 300 converter retrofits your obsolete magmeter with new electronics.

Gradually, more and more electromagnetic flowmeters are being discontinued and spare parts and support are no longer available. For you, this could mean: the malfunction of the electronics causes unwanted downtime, which results in significant consequences for your process and plant safety.

With the IFC 300, you get the opportunity to retrofit your existing electromagnetic flowmeter with new electronics quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Your advantages through the retrofit

  • Quick and easy upgrade, without dismounting your old meter

  • Saving of investment and installation costs for a completely new meter

  • Additional communication possibilities, temperature and conductivity measurement

Your possible reasons for the retrofitting of electronics

  • Full or partial defect of converter electronics

  • Need of communication protocols

  • Need of additional outputs

Your benefit through a comprehensive diagnostic package

More process reliability through the reliable diagnosis of:

  • Detection of gas bubbles or solids

  • Changing or too-low conductivity (e.g. during change of media or empty tube), depending on the old sensor

  • Deposits or coating on the electrodes

  • Electrode corrosion

  • Too-high media or ambient temperature (depending on the old sensor)

Your new communication options

The IFC 300 makes your flowmeter fit for the future with latest communication protocols!

  • HART® (Standard)



  • Foundation Fieldbus

  • Modbus

The procedure for replacing the electronics:

KROHNE will check the compatibility of the used sensor and the installation situation in advance.

You have to install the converter and assure that a reference flow is available during start-up for our replacement converter to be adjusted.

Our KROHNE service engineers will support you in commissioning and start up of the new converter.