The KROHNE Group

About us

The KROHNE Group is a global manufacturer and provider of process instrumentation, measurement solutions and services in many industries. Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, we offer local contacts for instrumentation projects of any size in over 100 countries. KROHNE stands for innovation and highest product quality and is one of the market leaders in process industry.

KROHNE is an independent family-owned business, fully owned by the Rademacher-Dubbick family.

Key facts KROHNE Group

Holding: Ludwig Krohne GmbH & Co. KG, Duisburg, Germany

Sales Year 2023 figures:

Total Sales (incl. Joint Ventures): 752.4 Mio. EUR

Employees: 4111

Employees in R&D: 366

Production facilities & Engineering companies: 17 (in 12 countries)

Self-owned companies and joint ventures: 44

Equity-to-assets ratio: 46%

Mission and Values​

The KROHNE Mission statement

“We offer the right solutions for our customers’ process measurement applications around the world.”

We achieve this through:​

  • innovative and high-quality products and services​

  • qualified and competent employees​

  • long-term and reliable partnerships with our clients and partners​

The KROHNE Values ​

KROHNE is committed to a society that is open-minded, peaceful and based on solidarity. This is reflected in our company values:​

  • Internationality: Our strong commitment abroad has led to a workforce that is 80% based outside Germany so we can provide a local contact within close proximity to our customers and business partners.​

  • Partnerships: Good and reliable partnerships with our customers, suppliers and business partners, and respectful interaction with each other is an important basis of our activities. Many of our joint venture partners are also family businesses, and these partnerships are characterised by long-lasting, cross-generational cooperations.​

  • Technology: The continuous development and implementation of technology secures our continued existence as an independent and long-term operating company.​

  • Sustainable growth: As a family business we think in the long term. The owner family shareholders are committed to the employees and the customers. We have set ourselves the goal to ensure cross-generational, sustainable growth.​

  • Independence: We regularly re-invest over 85% of the profits and maintain our equity-to-assets ratio at a comfortable level, which allows us to overcome difficult times, and to secure the company's independence.​

  • Participation: We allow our employees to take part in the decision-making process, we qualify them through participation. Everyone has the opportunity to put forward their own ideas and also to implement them.​

  • Open approach to ideas and opinions: Whether they come from the staff, from corporate management, or the family: we value all ideas and opinions, even if they are unusual.​

  • Active and open communication: The use of the informal way of address, the German “Du”, is common practice and part of our corporate culture and extends throughout the company structure, from members of the executive board to the workers on the shop floor.​